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1. Low start up speed, high wind energy utilization

2. Amazingly quiet operation with minimal vibration

3. Easy installation, tube or flange connection optional

4. New art of precision injection molding blades with aerodynamic shape and structure, high efficiency.

5. Body of casting aluminum alloy, with 2 bearings swivel makes it stronger.

6. Patented AC PMG with special stator, effectively reduce torque, ensure excellent performance.

7. Anti-rust & anti-corrosion, maintenance-free

Specification: RC-2K

Model RC-2K
Rated Output 2KW
Peak Output 2.5W
Rated Voltage 24/48V AC
Start-up Wind Speed 2.5 m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed 3.5m/s
Rated Wind speed 12m/s
Survival Max. wind 45m/s
Number of Blades 3
Rotor Diameter 3.2m
Swept Area 7.54㎡
Blade Material fiberglass reinforced composite
Generator Type Brushless 3-phase PMA with high performance Neodymium Magnets
Generator case Casting aluminum alloy
Controller Type PWM
Over speed control Automatically adjust windward direction&tail fold up
Net Weight 56kg
Tower Connector Flange or Hoop
Flange Size * DN48
Tower Type * Guy Cable Tower
Tower Size * 3mX2, 89-4mm
Working Temp. range from -40°C to 60°C
Product Life 15 years
Warranty 1 years
Applications 2kw wind turbine system, wind solar hybrid system for home, farm. etc
Measurement Generator: 67*48*26cm / Blades: 162*29*28cm
Gross Weight 61kg


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