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300W -600W controller with LED display


Wind solar hybrid controller Applications

● Power supply for those unmanned regions like mobile communication station, high way, the coastal islands, remote mountainous regions and border posts.

● Regional research projects, government demonstration projects, landscape lighting projects for those places with insufficient power or power shortages.


● Apply for independent wind &solar hybrid system, lighting system and monitoring system.

● LED Display

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
Model WWS02-12B WWS04-24B WWS06-24B
Wind Turbine Input      
Rated input power 200W 400W 600W
Rated input voltage 14Vdc 28Vdc 28Vdc
Input voltage range 0~16Vdc 0~32Vdc 0~32Vdc
Rated input current 17Adc 17Adc 25Adc
Manual brake Press button “READ”  “SET” at the same time to unload completely. Then recover by hand.
Brake by over current 17A  (factory default,0~17A settable) Unload completely when reached the set current, and recover automatically after working 10mins. 25A (factory default,0~25A settable)Unload completely when reached the set current, and recover automatically after working 10mins.
Brake by overvoltage Refer to “output overvoltage” control
PV Input Parameters
Rated input power 100W 200W 200W
Max. open circuit voltage 24V 48V 48V
Rated input current 9A
Reversed connection protection YES
Charge Parameters
Rated battery voltage 12V 24V
Temperature compensation function (optional) -3mV/℃/2V
Output Parameters
Rated output voltage 12V 24V
Output overvoltage point 14.5V  (factory default,11Vdc~16Vdc settable) 29V  (factory default,22Vdc~32Vdc settable)
Output overvoltage recovery point 13.2V  (factory default, reduce 1.3V from the output overvoltage point) 26.4V  (factory default, reduce 2.6V from the output overvoltage point)
Max. Output current 17A 17A 25A
DC Load Output Parameters
Output loops  2 loops
Output control mode Both 2 loops could be set in 7 modes, such as light control on&off, light control on and time control off.
Output voltage range  10.8V~16V 21.6V~32V
Undervoltage recovery point Refer to "rated battery voltage"
Rated output current 10A/each loop
Overload protection 120% rated DC output -1min,150% rated DC output -10s
Short circuit protection 200% rated DC output, instant protection
General Parameters
Rectifier mode Uncontrolled rectifier
Display mode LED
Display information  Battery voltage, light control voltage, 1st loop output mode, 2nd loop output mode. Brake guidance.
Lightning protection YES
Conversion efficiency ≥95%
Static loss <0.5W
Environment temperature -20℃~+40℃
Humidity 5%~95%, No condensing
Noise ≤65dB
Cooling mode Natural cooling
Installation mode Wall-mounted
Cover protection class IP53
Product dimension (W*H*D) 123x150x62mm
Product net weight 0.8kg
Note:  the listed specs are just for your reference
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